It’s TICTAC, it’s freshy, it’s fun, and it’s in German (get over it) :)
Collaborating with the über-talented DELI pictures, we produced dozens of sweet-and-spicy designs paving the way to the final result. Here are some of the style frames, concept arts and character designs we rendered along the way.

IN THE BEGINNING, all was a clam sea and bright light… and a city of refrigerators with little fans mounted on top of them. Yep, that was that.

Taste that fresh mint leafs hair!



We wanted to create a realistic, yet magical, surrounding for Barny, and as a result we needed to find a way to integrate Barny products in the environment in a natural way.

We threw 5Kg of pure chocolate from our roof top in order to create a “natural” look to the rocks.
Then we baked a cake to illustrate how the Barny mountains would look. What a yummy project! :)

Concept art for Yoplait "Shtoozim" commercial


Shtoozim is BACK! We are excited to introduce the new episode in the "Shtoozim" series.
The idea behind this commercial was a new Yoplait product which is half Strawberry half Banana.
 The world that we have created follows the same principal.
 Strawberry village design
Banana village design

We were asked by the director to design half Strawberry half Banana dog :-)

Good things begin here- CONCEPT ART


We are delighted to introduce our concept art for "Good things begin here" campaign for the National Lottery.

In the first commercial we were asked to create a robot entirely of bicycle's parts.

And hmmm... it had to also be cute...


Disintegration by Monarchy ft. Dita Von Teese - music video Making of


Opening scene: Sludge, sticky and oily, on Dita's scalp. How can I produce this at home you ask (really???).
Our clever research crew pulled up their sleeves and showed us how- using just the right amount of cornflower mud and using a woofer to create the movement (boom boom...), later blacken it in compositing. 

Other CG elements included the fantasized mosquito in CG and disintegration of walls.

Meet Elad Izhaki, Animation supervisor and Creative Director


Happy to announce that Elad has just been promoted from a lead Animator to Animation Supervisor.
Congratulations and GOOD LUCK!

Awesome and weird character design


We were asked to design a series of characters for a hardware/DIY retail chain.
Introducing - lovely Ms. Gardner and Mr. Builder, a bit clumsy Mr. Carpenter, little Ms. Hairdo and their friends.
See a few directions we played with.

Meet Bar!


Meet the beautiful Bar Mizrahi, a team member here at Gravity. Bar came up with the name of the blog -"The Gravity Syndrome". We decided to reward her, as we just LOVE our blog's name, 
and we chose her to début on our new blog segment called "MEET OUR TEAM"  . 

Concept art for Cellcom Comodo


See concept arts we designed for the novelty in-car multimedia console Comodo. 

.(Including GPS (and watch out from the traffic jams
Music (Olá Brazil!)

Laser tag concepts


Once in a while we have an opportunity to BLOW things up!
 In this case we were asked to design the moment when the laser beam hits a target.
We explored two different directions: 2D and 3D explosion effects.
Just in case somebody was left alive after the laser beam attack, we designed an aircraft that will finish the job :-)