Family Photo


From left to right: the man who feeds us every day Yair, Flame artist Ori, Flame intern Ori, 3D Gilad, VP of technologies Ronen, Dotan the controller, Maayan the producer, Hagit client manager, Adela the producer, Yoav Head of 3D & Online, Israel Head of Art & Design, Shiran & Shir the producers, Mickey Flame artist, Elad 3D, Boaz Flame artist, TeTe the art director, Nina mac, Moria Head of production, Elya art director, Asaf Flame artist, Ilan CCO & VFX Supervisor, Eugene Creative Director and VFX Supervisor, Velodia 3D & animation, Roy Flame artist, and in the front from the right: Nadav 3D, Miri the bidding producer, Elinor Director of Business Development and our wonderful guest from Switzerland, our agent Natalija Fallocca-Bajric!

Well, many are missing in action... but you grab what you can :-)


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