Little elves character designs for Strauss


This journey will take us through our working process in search of the ideal characters that will become the official face of Strauss group's sweets product line (Strauss being one of Israel's most established food & beverage companies).
In our quest to find the just the right look, our designers looked for inspiration in the look, feel and shape of the official company logo, while finding fun ways how to implement them in the design. This R&D stage was extensive yet very rewarding as you will see.



Bruce Robb said...

10 of 26 on your picture line-up (on a click through). Cute, lots of variety, more opportunity for individual characters and resulting stories. IMO - disclosure - from a Story Teller.

Israel Breslav said...

Hey Bruce,
Thank you for the kinds words:)
It would be great to create a short spot for each character.

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